Your Reliable Provider Of Affordable Housing

Across the country, there are thousands if not millions of families that are having problems finding proper housing. For these families, leasing is a great option for those who are unable or unwilling to buy in the current market. At Access Homes Inc., we invest in distressed properties and fix them up so they can be rented at a reasonable rate.

Why Choose Us?

Our company leads the way in residential real estate investment. We are dedicated to providing all of our tenants with personalized attention and prompt, professional service. By conducting careful property inspections and hiring skilled maintenance personnel, we ensure that our properties are in good condition for our high-quality tenants.

Active Marketing

Our team works hard to ensure that our listings are visible to those who would rent them. By utilizing the local MLS, everyone in our target market, as well as the outlying communities, can view our available properties. We further spotlight our offerings by using signs, flyers, and the internet to get the property rented.

Tenant Screening and Selection

Access Homes Inc. takes great pride in our good relationships with our tenants. Our property manager thoroughly instructs our tenants in their responsibilities and obligations to the property to ensure it is well-maintained. We subscribe to the National Tenant Network, which informs us on a range of important information on potential tenants, which includes:

  • Employment and Banking Verification
  • Contacts Past Landlords
  • Furnishes a Tenant Performance Report
  • Criminal Background
  • National Credit Report
Comparative Rental Analysis

We price our properties correctly using a rental analysis (CRA). A rental analysis compares our property against similar rental properties in the area to find the best market value. We will advise our tenants on any practical changes and improvements that will help us attain a maximum rental value to keep them on as a valuable tenant.

Inspection Policy

Before a lease is signed, we complete a comprehensive move-in property survey with digital pictures. After the new tenant moves in, we follow up with a six-month property survey to see how the property is being maintained. These surveys are also implemented preceding contract renewal to protect property value. When the tenant moves out, we conduct another survey which is then compared with previous surveys.

Maintenance and Repair Services

At Access Homes Inc., we know what every repair should cost and the acceptable time for completion. We use independent contractors for all of our painting, cleaning, replacements, and repairs. For regular maintenance in our properties, we provide 24-hour services to handle emergencies so you don’t have to with no additional service fees.

Management Fees
  • Initial Setup Fee - $0
  • Repair Service Fee - $0
  • Competitive Application Fees
  • Tenant Property Referral Fees
  • A Leasing Fee is Charged When We Place a Tenant
Lowest Vacancy Rate

Although vacancies are costly, and we make every effort to minimize vacant time, for our company the community’s housing needs come first. We monitor lease expiration dates and try not to lease month-to-month unless there are extreme circumstances. This approach gives us the opportunity to renegotiate rent during lease renewal.

Accounting Services

We maintain accurate and complete records for all of our properties using the industry standard for record-keeping. Each month, you will receive an itemized statement along with copies of all receipts and invoices.

Rent Collection and Disbursement

For all of our tenants, the rent is due on the first of the month and is considered late if received after the third. If you are delinquent on rent, eviction notices will be delivered immediately.

Should the tenant fail to make immediate arrangements for payment, eviction proceedings will be initiated shortly. We will follow through and report the incident to the National Credit Bureau. All rental payments are processed promptly, with the rent proceeds and monthly statements usually completed and triple-checked by the tenth of the month.

Investment and Buying Assistance

At Access Homes Inc., we stay current on residential market conditions to provide the best return on our investment. We are familiar with many established and potential investors who are seeking to invest in residential real estate. By selling to your current tenant, you can expect reduced costs and we increase our net profits.

Let Us Help You Find Affordable Housing

You can be assured that Access Homes Inc. will provide you with high-quality residences for lease. For more information on how we can serve your housing needs, get in touch with our staff.